my new single “tu es si fragile” ready to be realised, an other one “phone calls” is on the way

Hi everyone,
A big thanx for your patience. It’s been some monthes i’m working on this new single, but i’m lacking the time i would take for it.
I also need to let the compos getting better, growing, and let them some weeks to listen to them again with a fresh hear.
This song will be pop-rock/progressive, and I hope tainted by those music I love : Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree, Depeche Mode, …
I’m also working on an other song, more eletronical. It’s called “phone calls”. I already realeased a version of it on “amiga protracker”. I’m now working on the details under Live and Renoise.
So, News will come, stay tuned !

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