my new single is incoming !

It is the product of a powerfull collaboration. We can’t be better than being together, this is a master rule in music, and… in life. I can’t tell much, but this is a good music compo electro-rock with poetic and politics texts. I’m also preparing this output of this single on websites like Spotify, iTunes, Youtube… I hope you’ll like enough to help me and support me ! Stay tuned !

2 thoughts on “my new single is incoming !

  1. Ⅰ loved tһіѕ post! I read yߋu blog fairly ⲟften аnd үоur always coming
    οut աith ѕome ɡreat stuff. I shared tҺіs ߋn mу Facebook ɑnd mү follwers loved it.
    Keep ᥙp tһᥱ ɡood work.

    1. hi, thanks for your comment, i’ve just had a look to your facebook page and do not find your share of my post. Anyway, even if you promote hip hop music that is not the kind of music i make (but i like to listen to), it seems you are making good work, so, keep up the good work too.

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